Eco-Friendly Household Items

Bonnie Bio Biodegradable bin bags

3-5lt (25) R30.00 – SOLD OUT

10lt (10) R30.00 – SOLD OUT

85lt Black Refuse Bin (25) R108.00

Brown Paper Bags

Sani bag 100s – R19.50

Medium – 31 x 15cm 100s – R87.00

Large – 37 x 19 cm 100s – R147.00


Enviro friendly multi insect & dust mite sprayDeadly to dust mites, ticks, fleas, flies, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes & fishmoths

1lt – R183.40

2lt – R293.50

5lt – R642.00

Bed Fresh

from Mattress Clean

Biodegradable removal of Bacteria and Odours

Eliminates bacteria and odours from mattresses, pillows, sheets, cot mattresses, bumpers, cushions and all fabricated furnishings.  The active enzymes eliminate the waste matter which causes bacteria and germs.

1lt – R75.00

5lt – R375.20


Contains microbes which digest and degrade waste in entire sewer system.  Safe for septic tanks.

Toilet bowl cleaner, urinals, bathroom & kitchen drains, keeps drains clear from grease and waste

5lt Cleaner & Degreaser – R175.50


Multi purpose general cleaner.  Enviro friendly, citrus oils.  Use for dishwashing, general cleaning, safe in food prep areas.

5lt – R152.00