Citro Cleaning Range

Environmentally friendly, based natural citrus oils, less than 4% phosphates and * products are SABS tested and approved

CITROKLENZ Liquid one-shot laundry detergent with alkali boosters. For manual, twin tub or automatics 5lt
*CITROPOWER Dishwashing liquid, all purpose cleaner and degreaser, safe in food prep areas 5lt
CITROSPARKLE Dishwasher powder industrial and domestic uses 5kg
*CITROCLEAN All purpose cleaner 5lt
*CITROGEL Highly concentrated general purpose gel detergent cleaner 5kg
CITRO OVEN CLEANER Non caustic oven cleaner and degreaser 5lt
CITRO G Powerful all purpose disinfectant & cleaner
Use for sanitation and general cleaning
CITROGLEAM High quality ‘scouring’ liquid (like Handy Andy), no scratch, no ammonia 5lt
CITROPEARL Liquid hand soap 5lt
CITROFRESH Citrus air freshner, non staining, dilutable 5lt
BIO-ENZYMATIC BOWL CLEANER Digests and degrades waste in entire sewer system. Toilet bowl cleaner, plus use in urinal, shower, sink and bathtub drains. Keeps pipes clear from grease and fats. 5lt